Monday, January 23, 2012

All of the lights

Random thoughts

Istanbul is such a big city. Bussing and walking to and fro work, by the end of the day, i am totally worned out. Or is it just because of my shoes.

Traffic is insane. And by that i mean red light does not always mean stop and green does not always mean go. Not in nz whre if its green, u cn read a book while crossing; Here, even green and cars can cut you. Or more common, people running across while red and making cars stop accidently.

While the people i know, that is whom im staying with and whom im working are super nice, people on the streets are generally cold. Ive never seen people smile, people are always grumpy in the bus and people saying "thank u driver!" like in nz is basically never. When they want to stop, its generally shouting at the bus driver. Its just the authoritive tone that i feel people r being forced to be. Its not a place for scared loners. They can sense your fear

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