Saturday, January 21, 2012

Mimar Sinan

This is a story about the Süleymaniye Mosque, opposite Haghia Sopia. The Sultan, Süleymaniye always played himself as the '2nd Solomon' (Nabi Sulaiman, kn die bina istana besa gila). So the story is, when King Justinian built the Haghia Sophia church, he boldly boasted  "Solomon, I have surpassed thee!". To counter this, Süleymaniye ordered the best architect of all time in Islamic architecture world, Mimar Sinan to build a more magnificent mosque, opposite the Haghia Sophia.

In response to this, Mimar Sinan carefully drew the design and he made the minarets taller than Haghia Sophia, by just 1 metre. Shows how humble the thinking of the architect, showing he can actually go further but does not need to do so. =)

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