Monday, January 23, 2012

Night out in the neighbourhood

This guy tried to drive his motorcycle up the hilly streets. It was so interesting because he was moving left and right, his tyres spinning really hard. I couldn't help but follow him :p

Suddenly its New Year in Kağıthane. While I was googling for the right spelling of my neighbourhood im staying, I found this on Wiki.

Kağıthane (Turkish pronunciation: [kaɰɯtˈhaːne]) is a working class district of the city of Istanbul, Turkey, in a valley inland from the upmarket Etiler. Built along a stream that runs into the Golden Horn. The mayor is Fazlı Kılıç (AKP).

Basically I am staying with 7 other guys who are in college to prepare for uni. They are very nice people and speak good English, way better than the rest of the population Ive met. (Trying to set up an internet plan for my phone turned out to be the worst experience so far. Its bloody complicated to start with, try speaking about  4 gig internet a month on a phone which apparently needs to be registered because if ur staying more than 1 week you have to do so and ive mistakenly bought the local simcard rather than a foreign simcard which will block my handphone in a week; to people who dont speak english. confusing? yeah this was intentional. note I went to at least 4 vodafone stores)

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