Monday, January 30, 2012

How to be Turkish

This is my rather unimportant observation and assumption. Please don't take it seriously :pp But its true, no exaggeration

1. Eat bread on every meal, including supper.
2. Drink chai (turkish tea) AT LEAST 7 times a day. This includes morning, mid morning, lunch, after lunch, tea break, dinner, supper. And take more than one serving if you wanna feel more Turkish
3. Use macho voice (bapak random)
4. Most important words. Yakni (translation maka in malay, or therefore. Used as a connector, like how we use em die kan 'macam' hensem, pastu aku 'macam' cakap hi, pastu die 'macam' bla3. Or yeah that fish is 'like' totally rad and i was 'like' wow and he was 'like' bla3). Evet (yes). Tamam (okay). Use these words endlessly to your hearts desire.

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